Hi, I'm Caroline—

a wordsmith in the UX and tech arena.

Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people. ”                  -William Butler Yeats

WHAT I DO. My work spans diverse industries, from travel and art to FinTech and retails. I´m always keen to learn and experiment, tackle new subjects and most of all, have fun while doing it! 
I write: UX copy, B2B and B2C editorial features and marketing copy. I develop content strategies across product, marketing and social media. I drive copy tests, user research and use data to inform content decisions. I’m comfortable wearing many hats, from leading teams and creating SEO-driven content that converts, to collaborating with product managers, UX designers and researchers. My experience spans global brands, non-profit organizations and startups, like Lonely Planet, Entrepreneurs’ Organization and TourRadar to Swarovski and Art Basel.

WHO I AM. I’m your typical lifelong nomad and third-culture kid. I carry two passports: Swiss and American. I’ve lived in eight countries across three continents. I speak English and German, conversational French and some Spanish.
My least favorite question is “Where are you from?” My favorite question is “Where are you going next?”

Get in touch.

email          siegcaroline@gmail.com


Get in touch.