Tour Page Redesign

  • Redesign the tour detail page, a landing page that provides travel and booking details about a specific group tour.
  • Enable users to decide if the tour is right for them.
  • Inject a more conversational tone. 
  • Created hypotheses and defined goals with product design team and product managers
  • Worked with the Business Intelligence Team to analyze data on engagement within each section of the page
  • Analyse data on customer service query categories
  • Drew insight from the customer service team to discuss user needs missing from data.
  • Worked with UX researchers to conduct user interviews analysing each section of the existing page–what was clear and confusing, what was missing.
  • Highlight the information users most wanted/needed to see. 
  • Less information and more icons to minimize text, new layouts and content blocks.
  • Identified what users most interested in learning at this stage in the customer journey.
  • Wrote new copy and reviewed existing copy. Created questions for user research and set up AB testing.

    Accommodation section:

    Destination section:

    Dates / Availability PART 1:

    • Availability included numbers of spaces left, which was never 100% accurate.
  • Edited out extra words and details, replaced “price” with “total” based on user research.
  • Users had a more positive reaction to “total.”
  • We also played with using the number of seats versus filling fast, as users the words “filling fast” or “filling up quickly” during the user interviews. Filling fast was always clear–and shorter.
  • With the page revamp, we began showing sold out dates to create a sense of urgency.
  • Made the message more personal and worked with design to add the color for more impact.
  • Dates / Availability PART 2:

  • Ran AB test with Book Now versus Check Dates. 
  • Hypothesis was that Book now was too committal at this stage in the journey. 
  • Check Dates demonstrated increased conversion. 
  • Final version = Check dates.
  • New sections:

  • Solo travellers are constantly confused about extra charges on group trips
  • We added messaging to help educate customers about extra fees with a positive spin.
  • Pulled most common questions about destination, payment, cancellation and company info into this section.
  • Included a conversation tone and made it easy to reach out to travel experts (customer service).